Establishing routines


The daily routines of the Kindergarten program are an ideal place to model language, introduce new vocabulary, and encourage oral interaction.

 Coatroom or coat area

  •  Read stories that talk about how to dress for different types of weather, especially winter.
  •  Post a photo or chart on which each item of outdoor clothing is labelled. This encourages independence and helps students learn the English names for items of clothing.
  • Teachers and other adults (e.g., parent volunteers, co-op students, teacher candidates) can use simple strategies to show children how to put on their outdoor clothes (e.g., by laying a coat on the fl oor and then fl ipping it over the head) and how to put on and take off their backpacks, while talking aboutwhat they are doing.
  • The class can create a graph for experts (e.g., who is able to help with zippers, mittens) that children may refer to if they need assistance. This invites ELLs to initiate communication with another child (e.g., children can go to Tasleem if they need help with a zipper).


Children who are bused need support in finding the correct bus and driver. ELLs need visual supports. Their home address and phone number must be accessible by the bus driver. Older students can play a role by being paired with a Kindergarten ELL who rides the same bus.


For all children, names are closely and personally tied to their identities. Many cultures select names that have great signifi cance. A name might represent the aspirations that parents have for their children, or may honour past family members, historical events, or seasons. Parents who think they must give their children English names need reassurance that their children’s original names can be used in the Ontario school system, and that school personnel will try to pronounce each name accurately.




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