Questions parents ask

Questions parents ask

Why do you take the children on field trips? Don’t they learn better in the classroom?

T – Do children in the country you come from go on field trips?

P – Not so many. Maybe only one trip. But I do not agree with them.

T – I plan trips that are about a topic that the children are learning about in our classroom.

P – But what would they learn that you cannot teach them faster in school?

T – The children are learning about the natural environment, and on a fi eld trip they can explore the real outdoors. That is much more helpful to them than the pictures or videos I could use in the classroom. All of their senses are involved, not just looking. They can talk about this experience when we return to the classroom.

P – My son doesn’t know many English words. I want him to learn more.

T – Field trips provide many opportunities to learn new words in English. Children

can connect the words with what they see.

P – I am not convinced yet, but thank you for your explanation.

T – I have invited parents to come on this field trip. When you bring back Manvir’s

form, maybe you could let us know if you could come with us. Then you can see

for yourself why fi eld trips will help Manvir learn the English words to talk about

the environment.

P – I will see. Thank you.

What is my child going to learn if she is playing?

Learning-based play is one way your child learns at school. While children play, they can hear new words, learn what they mean, and use these words in their talk.

I plan what the children will use at the centres based on what we expect them to learn. For example (show the materials), tubing, funnels, water pumps, and water wheels at the water centre help your child learn about water – how it moves, what shape it takes.

 I work with your child to help her learn new words, and together we can write what she learns (show samples where possible). At the learning centres, she counts, measures, reads, and works with others. She can show me what she knows as she plays before she knows how to say the English words.



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